The Authentic Gambling Mindset

The mindset of a real gambler is always to take a chance - which most non-gamblers would seldom think of. In a way, real gamblers are people who believe there's always a chance to make a situation better than it already is. Here's a summary of the gambling mindset.

The gambling mindset always considers other possibilities and starts by asking "What if" questions. Of course, they never get a definite answer. They get glimpses of possibilities but never concrete answers - until they actually try out what's in their minds. For instance, we know for certain that our poker hand has no chance given the board cards. Worse, the opponents are known to be tight players. We fold.

But the gambling mindset ventures further. It won't stop at what's obvious - it will try other possibilities once in a while and ask," What if I bluff my weak hand?" Or, "What if I try to represent the flop by betting substantially despite my weak hand?" And sometimes they pull it off. It's the "there must be a better way" thinking that pushes us to gamble now and then.

There are everyday "gamblers" that never really gamble. They trek to the casinos daily or go online for gambling games and bet but they haven't really gambled in the real sense of the term. In short, they don't have an authentic gambling mindset. What they do is no different from a routine payment of electric or water bills. There's no real risk in that. We lose some money but no real risks.

For instance, again in poker, players who just fold weak hands are not gamblers. They may be practical and smart with their play strategy, but they're not real gamblers. A genuine gambling mindset takes the extra risk and sees if something unsure or uncertain would work out this time, just this once.

Well, sure, experienced poker players may say it's dumb to take risks when it's a sure loss. It will be a loose-passive play that only silly players do. We have to use our common sense, they'll add. When we only subscribe to things that are "sure" then we don't possess an authentic gambling mindset.

A real gambling mindset makes breakthroughs in what they do. In this sense, a lot of non-casino or non-online gamblers are really hard-core gamblers as long as they take what they do to the next level amid risks and regardless of failures.

An authentic gambling mind is really the mother of all inventions. And in this sense, let's all gamble hard.

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