The Betting Options and Payouts Involved with Casino Roulette

Playing online roulette can be ranked almost equally according to its appeal to gamblers in line with online slots, blackjack and poker. The game consists of a roulette wheel, ball and a table layout that displays the betting options involved when playing the game of roulette.

The game of online roulette is made more highly interesting with its betting system involved. Although the roulette game has several varieties of games online it remains to follow the same rules and mechanics of playing the game.

The player's main objective will be to place a bet on certain numbers on the roulette wheel from which the roulette ball needs to land on in order to win a corresponding payout. The casino roulette wheel has wells from number 1 to 36 with additional 0 and 00 numbers in its American version and a single 0 in its European version.

The numbers from 1 to 36 are colored either black or red while the zeros are green in color. The roulette players have several betting options involved which add to the fun way of playing the game.

One can play for an either odd or even bet that gives a payout of 1:1. Players also have the option for betting by colors of either red or black which gives the winners a 1:1 win. The player can also play for the dozen bet which involves playing for a number that should belong to the three dozens that are depicted on the roulette layout. The winner gets paid on a ratio of 2:1.

A player wins a 5:1 payout from a six numbers bet which involve winning a specific number among the six adjoining numbers on the roulette table layout. The four number bet will win a player an 8:1 payout for hitting a number from four adjoining numbers.

Furthermore the player gets paid 11:1 for a number won from the three adjoining numbers, 17:1 payout is extracted for winning a number from the two adjoining numbers and the highest payout is 35:1 taken from betting on a single number that have won.

When the roulette ball lands on the number zeros, the player immediately lose any bet placed on the roulette table. The casino gains better house advantage from their American roulette version where the 0 and 00 numbers on the wheels increase the odds of the player from losing.

Playing online roulette is more beneficial to a casino player since there are more bonus spins and additional betting options that can be played for which increase the player's chance of spinning a win.

Placing a bet in both online and offline casino games of roulette involves placing the chips onto the game layout in a manner that shows the player's preference on which type of betting option they like to play for.

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