How to Play a Game of Blackjack

Playing blackjack is really simple. It is a numbers game with the fundamental idea of making a higher valued hand than that of the dealer's. As the game moves forward, you will make certain moves to improve the total value of your hand.

Each card in blackjack is given a numeric value. The number cards from two to ten will have a value equal to what it shows on the card. So that means a five of hearts will get five points, a seven of spades gets seven, etc. The suits of the cards won't mean a thing in blackjack so you don't have to worry about them.

The picture cards are valued at ten points each, which makes them very valuable in this game. Aces will either be valued at one point or 11 points depending on which is better for your current hand. To help you understand the concept behind the valuation of an Ace, we shall go over what is called a bust.

You initially get two cards and then you add the values of both your cards. If your total goes beyond 21 then your hand automatically loses in this round. This is called bust in blackjack. If you are dealt an Ace and it makes your hand bust if valued at 11 points then the Ace will rather take a value of one to keep you from busting. But if the Ace is valued at 11 and doesn't make you bust then it takes that value.

If you are dealt a hand that has a value of 21 (e.g. a ten and an Ace) then your hand wins this round automatically, unless the dealer has this total as well. This is called a blackjack and is an automatic winner. Take note that you are not playing against everyone seated at the blackjack table, you are only playing against the dealer the whole time.

You can ask for further cards to be added to your hand to get a better total. Requesting for additional cards is called hitting. Be careful when you hit since you might bust in the process. If you think your total is good enough then your move is called stand, which means to take no more cards from the dealer.

If you have a pair of cards you are allowed to split them up and add one card each to your original cards and thus make two new hands. You then make another bet for the second hand you just made equal to your initial wager. If you feel confident enough to beat dealer with just one hit you can double down. This means to take one last card from the dealer and double your initial wager.

That's basically how the action goes on a blackjack table. These are just the basics and will serve only as an introduction to blackjack newcomers.

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