Get Higher Payback with Video Keno Online

Get higher returns for your bets when you play keno. With video keno online, you get as much as 93% return--- definitely higher than the maximum 80% return you get in brick-and-mortar keno!

In video keno online, the game is made simpler, faster, and easier to play. With just a few click of the mouse, you can sit back and simply wait for the screen to light up if you have had a hit. There's no need to rush to a keno writer to have your keno card substituted with keno ticket. There's no need to wait every five minutes to start a new game. With video keno online, you can control the pace of the game.

To play video keno online, you need to have sufficient fund or deposit in your account. To place a bet, click on either Bet 1 or Bet Max tabs found on your computer screen. Bet 1 is a one-coin bet.

How much a one-coin bet is depends on the denomination of the machine you are playing. Among the many advantages of playing video keno online is your immediate access to different denomination machines. You have nickel video keno machine and quarter keno machines and dollar keno machines.

To wager the maximum, simply press Bet Max and the machine will automatically credit 4 coins to a game.

If you want a bet anywhere between the minimum and the maximum, use the Bet 1 button. Click it repeatedly until you get the desired bet.

After placing your bet, pick the numbers you are betting on. On your screen you will find numbers 1 through 80. To select, click on the number of your choice. To cancel a number, simply re-click the number. You can have a selection of as many as 10 numbers.

To start the drawing of numbers, first you need to choose in how many games you'd like to use your selection of numbers. If you want to use your numbers for a single game only, click on the Play One tab. For a series of five games using the same selection of numbers, click on the Play Five tab. For ten consecutive games, press Play Ten.

The computer's RGN will then draw 20 numbers and will display these drawn numbers on your screen. If you have a hit, the number will also light up.

Your computer will also display the amount you've won based how many numbers you have selected and how of those numbers hit.

So why take a long drive to play in a casino when you can play keno and get higher payback without leaving your home? With video keno online, you even get to play at your own pace. There's no need to see a keno writer either. With video keno online, playing and winning is just a click away.

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