Baccarat Rules: How to Play, Bet, and Win

Baccarat is a card game where a number of players choose between three possible outcomes only. The objective of the players is to correctly guess the winning outcome and bet on it.

Mastery of baccarat rules is the first step in winning. Learning these rules will present no difficulty for any new player because baccarat rules are simple and easy to grasp.

Baccarat rules on betting:

1. Players choose one from the three types of baccarat bet--- Banker (Banco), Player (Punto), or Tie (Standoff) - by placing chips on the appropriate square found on top of a baccarat table. A game of baccarat usually admits as many as 14 seats or bet areas. 2. The wagered amount must not fall short of the minimum and exceed the maximum bet limit.

Baccarat rules on dealing of cards:

1. A hand in baccarat is made up of two to three cards. Initially, the dealer deals only two cards to a hand. Usually, a shoe in baccarat is made up of 6 to 8 decks. 2. Two hands shall be dealt by the dealer: one hand is designated as Banco or Banker; the other hand is designated as Punto or Player. The player with the biggest bet amount on Punto is the dealt the Player cards facedown, while the Banco cards are placed facedown under the shoe. 3. The player looks at the hand then gives it to the dealer, who then reveals both Punto and Banco hands at the same time. 4. A third card may be drawn for either hands following the baccarat third card rules. When either hand has a sum of 8 or 9, no third card is further dealt. 5. Where allowed, players may also deal cards. But it doesn't meant that the dealing player represents the house. The player must still place their bet. The house dealer will instruct or guide the player when to pull out a card from a shoe. 6. A player may decline to deal the cards and pass the shoe to another player.

Baccarat rules on hand values:

1.All cards are taken at face values except for K,Q,J, and 10 which have 0 or no values. Ace represents the cardinal number 1. 2. The sum total of its cards is a hand's value. The highest value a hand can have is 9. 3. When a card totals 10 and above, the 10 value is dropped. Thus, 5+6 has a value of 1, and 5+5 has a value of 0.

Baccarat payout rules:

1. A player wins if their bet matches the winning hand. If there's a tie between the Punto and Banco, Standoff bets win. The house dealer removes the losing bets first, then pays the winners. 2. Both Banco and Punto pays even money. Tie or Standoff pays 8:1 or 9:1. 3. 5% commission shall be deducted from a Banco win.

Baccarat rules may seem too many compared to other luck games like roulette and slots. But playing baccarat is just like betting between 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36 in roulette. So learn baccarat rules now and start winning the payoffs.

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